Heart-felt gratitude to those who journeyed this far with Yessera.  And joyful welcome to those caring and passionate about the welbeing and development of the youth of our world.

Yessera’s 15th Anniversary is a wonderful occassion to join hands and hearts to help Yessera help the youth of Ethiopia transcend limits and model a creative and transformative life–miles and miles away from despair, hopelessness and destructiveness.

Taking up some of the elements highlighted by Yessera Power Point, here are just a few ways you could make Yessera’s 15th Year Anniversary Outreach a success:

. Encourage young boys and girls to join Yessera Youth Forward

. Women leaders in and around Yessera

. Diaspora collaboration focused on a region or sector of training of their choice

. Online experienced volunteers to make Yessera more visible, raise funds

. Yessera branches in strategic locations

. International organizations and NGO’s enhancing Yessera Trainees’ activities and enterprising efforts

. Friends of Yessera to share ideas and celebrate mileposts.

As a life long learning institution,Yessera’s extended invitation: Our continued heart to heart togetherness, a brilliantly multiplying Ethiopian youth future. For years to come. Let’s then imagine it into reality, again!

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