Kombolcha pictures

  • Trainees at training center. They are present for their future. They give their time and attention, we coordinate guidance and training... we plant the seed, it grows into a tree

  • Trainees preparing a meal. The kitchen is simple. Their dreams are limitless.

  • wz Aselef has been a mentor and host to trainees as they spent time away from home to attend occupational training programs in Addis Ababa.

Pilot projects, informal training & Yessera-U

Active and always wanting to be viable on the ground Yessera continues improvising forward:

  1. Now finished informal Food Preparation training has been able to empower 3 of its girls to find jobs, with one still looking.
  2. Just started on-the-job Construction training for 2 girls. Based on lesson learned—first ascertain job availability at worker-needing sites and sectors—the 3 months training will be in “finishing’ aspect of building Construction. Successful completion of Pilot Project would mean increases in number of trainees and Construction aspects.

Yessera-U: Working more and more on becoming an Umbrella organization to empower the empowerers. The idea is for Yessera to become a capacious resource base for members and others to pursue Ethiopia empowering work in areas of their interest, expertise, and already ongoing involvement. It will also reach out widely to become a hub of creative collaboration. The target being a four-corner, sector differentiated, Ethiopian wholistic development.

Needs: Webmasters, social media support, on the ground facilitators, and funding sources.

Our newest group of trainees

We are looking forward to helping this group of young ladies to get on the road to self-employment. Wz. Aselef is playing a key role as the trainer. We will post details soon.

YESSERA board member Charles Sutton visited Ethiopia and met with our long-time country coordinator, Mr. Solomon Retta.


What we do

YESSERA provides intensive young adult-based community development assistance to marginalized Ethiopians. YESSERA delivers vocational skills training, leadership and character development, and support for microenterprise. Our approach is participant-driven, holistic, and intensive.

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Yessera Harar 2016

After successfully completing 2 years of training of 31 destitute young women, in various fields, from Addis Ababa as its Yessera 2014, and Yessera 2015 project, Yessera is now happily resuming its 4 Corners of Ethiopia.

From the east in Kombolcha, Harar, six women are embarking on the self transforming journey of living, learning, dreaming and excelling together in the new and challenging environment of Addis, with hopes of returning to their community skilled and empowered.